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    I grew up in Somerset, went to Bishop Fox's in

  Taunton - when it was a girls’ grammar school,

   and to SCAT -  when it was The Somerset College of


   I eventually became a teacher, working in

   Richmond, then in Kingston upon Thames.

    In 2010 I returned, at last, to Somerset and to



   Subject matter includes local landscape, Maps,

    landmarks and architecture, still life, and creatures

   Whatever catches my eye and gives me a lift.


    Pattern, and bright, cheery colour dominate recent


    See the Patterned Birds and the Maps on the

     Watercolours page and The Patterned Birds page


    I use a range of media including Acrylics,

   Watercolour, Indian Ink and Soft pastels,

    sometimes on canvas sometimes on paper.

    A smidge of Lino Cut and Mono Prints too.

    Take a look at the pages above and get in touch.


    I am a member of the

    Somerset Contemporary Artists Network


    See my Exhibitions calendar page for details and      

    dates of upcoming events.

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