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     I grew up in Somerset, went to Bishop Fox's in

    Taunton - when it was a girls’ grammar school,

    and to SCAT when it was The Somerset College of Art.


    I eventually became a teacher, working in

    Richmond, then in Kingston upon Thames.

    In 2010 I returned at last to Somerset and to painting.


    Subject matter includes local landscape, Maps,

    Landmarks and architecture, Still life and Creatures

    Whatever catches my eye and gives me a lift.


    I use a range of media including Acrylics, Watercolour,

    Indian Ink and Soft pastels. Sometimes on canvas.

    sometimes on paper. A smidge of Lino Cut and

    Mono Prints too.

    Take a look at the pages above and get in touch.


    I am a member of the

    Somerset Contemporary Artists Network


    Exhibitions are on hold at the moment! So.....

    if you would like to buy, or commission work

    please do get in touch direct.

Clatworthy Buckets and Spades Wmk - Copy